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Arman Novin Shafa Co.

For over twenty five years, the founders of Arman Novin Shafa co. have dedicated themselves as medical laboratory and histopathology experts, in purchasing and selling related devices and accessories in different fields of diagnosis laboratory facilities.

Over the time the founders have built a mutual trust and cooperation with many clients (Governmental and private joints), while expanding our specialties in a broad spectrum by reducing technical /diagnostic faults and financial risks by educating and assisting our clients in seminars and training them on the job during installations and startups.

The Founders of Arman Novin Shafa co. ltd, started their career in Qeshm Island representing Sakura and Milestone in 1999.  

Arman Novin Shafa co. was established as an Iranian company registered in Tehran.

The company's mission is set to provide highest caliber services in accordance with highest international standards and norms.


Helping Patients



Arman Novin Shafa provides best quality of pathology products, assured with best after sales technical and operational supports and services during the last 18 years. Our services are on time and complete. We are proud to say that we have had best experience but hard in the very sensitive and busy medical centers all over Iran. We have also made online communication available for our customers via CRM. They can contact us at any time and arrange their requests and orders to the service engineers or sales team immediately. We also provide all necessary and optional consumables and accessories for our instruments.

Arman Novin Shafa

During the past years we have been involved in purchasing and selling automation high tech Medical lab devices especially for introducing the same day diagnosis for cancer reports and deleting most routine technical faults.

We have also been rendering services and maintenance assistance to our clients covering our guaranteed responsibilities.

We, at Arman Novin Shafa co. ltd. are determined to be focused on doing the best job possible by rendering clients tailored services and helping our clients be successful.


Arman Novin Shafa Co.LTD.
Unit 11, 3rd Floor, Sepidar Building, Kavoosifar Avenue, North Sohrevardi Street
Postal Code : 1577655737
Tehran, Iran